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The Carriage House

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Phone: (902) 863-2829


Step back into a simpler time, when homes were built by hand with natural materials and old-fashioned construction – you know, the kind made to last. Lovingly designed and hand-built by the owner just a few years ago, The Carriage House has the integrity, purity and simplicity of a home from yesteryear.

Most pets are welcome as part of the family. They (especially dogs) will love the 10 acres of land on which they can roam along with the miles of coastline and beach - no leash laws here! In addition, each of my properties also has a fully enclosed deck area so pets may be left outside without fear of them running away.

Pets are allowed inside all areas of the house (except on any furniture unless protected). Pet owners need to pick up after their pets at all time (wooded areas of the property excepted). Pets need to be house trained, not pose a danger to humans or other animals, in good general health and inoculated for applicable issues (such as fleas in dogs).

Pet Fee: USD $10/day for the first pet; half-price for the second.