Standards of hotels in America, Asia and Europe is always a great debate around the travelers of the world. Standards revolve around the priorities of travelers. Some people choose their stay according to culture of that country. Some people choose their staying place according to the budget. Few of the people want everything like home and they don’t bother whatever services are being offered they need only perfection and peace. Some people looks fun only.

People who visit some place for vocations, of course they must be looking for fun and best views from hotel rooms. No one wants to spoil vocations by staying at some one’s house; which he is running like a hotel. But provides all local services.

There are a lot of differences between hotels of Asia and Europe. Here I mentioned few of them:


Main difference is of price. In Europe, hotels are very expensive, hotel rooms are smaller in size, services are limited according to the money paid. Some traveler mentioned in the feedback of European hotels is that they provide less quantity of food as well.

Many people complaint about small bathrooms and non-airy rooms. Most of their hotels are run by some sort of families and their hospitality is very local that makes vocations so bore and tiring. Even though if you travel at Australia side, you will find hotel standards much better than Europe. Their standards also meet the standards of Asia and North America.

Unless you book relatively very expensive hotel of 4 or 5 star hotel, you will never find any satisfaction in hotel rooms there.

If we take a survey of beach side hotels in Europe, we see that they are much expensive as compared to normal ones. But somewhat one can enjoy one benefit there as well. If a traveler wants to visit Europe in just one week, that means he need to spend just night at hotel, for this purpose they are providing pit spots for night stay only. These hotels are chosen for check in at night and check out at early morning.


Comparison of Asian and European hotels shows us, Asian hotels are more reasonable in price. Their quality is excellent as compare to other continents of the world. A traveler can manage trip in low budget with good quality of services.

Hotels here, provides big and airy rooms, most of them have balcony outside the windows, where you can enjoy sun rise, sun set, sunshine, rain, snow, etc. easily. Their food quantity is also good and in quality they don’t make compromises at all. Restaurants of Asian are very cheap and tastes good.

Facilities like swimming pool, playing courts, restaurants are in better condition than other continents. Cheap services makes your vocation more fun.

Bathrooms are very large and clean. Mostly people prefer to stay in those hotels who at beach side because everybody gets the room at same price like normal hotel room.