Three things you need to check before checking into a Pet friendly hotel

One thing people love about having a pet is they are welcoming when you come back home and they show appreciation regardless of the judgment. What most people hate about having a pet is that when you are going on a vacation or business trip it is very difficult to leave them. They become family members and very important part of our life, we don’t want to leave them behind. Most of the people search for a dog shelter or someone to take care of their pet when they are not around but most of the people worry too much. They either are not satisfied with the services or simply don’t trust anyone around their pet. An easy way to get rid of all these problems is to travel with your pet. There are Pet Friendly Hotel that help you to stay with your furry friend along with enjoy your vacation. Here are three things you need to check before signing into a Pet Friendly Hotel.

Advance booking

When you are traveling with your pet make sure you know exactly where, when and for how long you are staying. This will not only help you pack accordingly but also help you to assess if your pet is capable enough to stay at that place. This also helps you to avoid any inconvenience because you don’t have to find the hotel at the spot instead you already know where to stay. Another very important reason is that people with pets usually prefer the rooms on the ground floor for easy exit, but most of the hotels don’t have rooms on ground floor in vacation season.

Pet protocol

Most hotels say they are pet-friendly but they usually have certain rules, it is very important for the pet owner to follow the rules. Most hotels don’t allow the pets sitting or sleeping on the furniture which is quite understandable. Some hotels even have number policy, so if you have more than one pet you cannot stay. A barking dog is one of the most important things that hotels restrict, it is very important for the pet owner to take care of this situation. He needs to stay with the dog and avoid any crowded place especially avoid taking a room near the lift or the stairs.

Packing Hacks

It is very important to know what you may need for your pet. Mostly when people check in a pet-friendly hotel they don’t realize they must pack according to the needs of their pet. Most of the pet owners expect hotel management will provide everything, which is not true.  You need to carry extra sheets, towels, pet food, your pets’ favorite toy and a long leash. When you are settled in your room cover the carpet or anywhere your pet wants to sit, with the towel or sheets. This will give your pet freedom to move around without any problem, this also helps in cleaning easily.