Things you need to do before checking in a pet friendly hotel

Most of the time when we sign in a pet-friendly hotel, we are looking for a place that is perfect for us and our little furry fellow. We don’t care about reading the restrictions list, we are excited to enjoy our vacations and hope our pet to enjoy with us. Most of hotels make you sign an instruction sheet that has different clauses as well as some rules and policies. Although it might seem outrageous but there are some reasons for that. If you are ready to sign in a hotel or you are looking for a reservation you need to know few things. Here is a list of tasks that you need to do, along with the things you need to have before checking in a hotel.

Health certificate

It is very important to keep a health certificate, yes the hotel is pet-friendly but they don’t want any other pet to get ill. Not only this, but this will give you satisfaction that your pet is in a perfectly healthy environment where he can’t get any infection. If you are travelling internationally it is very important that your pet’s health certificate is almost 10 days old, in some cases they also allow 30 days old certificate but it’s better to be conscious.

Grooming session

You may think it’s not important but if you think it is very important. You need to make sure your pet had a hair trim and his is clean with perfectly trimmed nails. Sometimes hotel may claim that they are pet-friendly but they don’t have pet services, so you don’t want to go on vacation and spend time searching for a place to get pet services. It is also important because this will be good for first impression of your pet and you as a pet owner.

Instructions check

Some hotels claim that they are pet friendly, but only thing that make them pet friendly is that they let you come stay with your pet. They have number restrictions, place restrictions and even breed restrictions. Sometimes they don’t allow the owner to keep more than one pet other times they charge extra for the pet. In some cases they even let you deposited extra money just in case of damage of their property. There are also cases where they don’t let your pet stay if he barks a lot or he is restless. You need to ask all these things before reservations.