How to be a considerate pet owner in a pet friendly hotel.

If you are thinking travelling with your pet is already very considerate you are wrong. While checking in a pet friendly hotel there are certain rules and regulation that you need to follow. You are on a vacation and so are other people, make sure you don’t disturb anyone. In order to help you out and make you a better pet owner here are some tips that you can follow and make your vacations more enjoyable with your pet.

Stay close

It is very important to stay with your pet, it is very important to know that most of the pet owners feel it’s alright to leave the pet alone because they have been doing this for very long in their house. Sometimes pet bark when they are in an unfamiliar place other times they become excited when no one is around so they may break something. It very important to stay with your pet and only trust yourself with the pet.

Carry sheets

Another important thing is that you need to keep absorbent sheet with you, also keep some clean sheets with you. In case there is an accident you can use absorbent sheets for that, another important thing is spread the clean sheet on the carpet, this will save you from cleaning. In hotels where they don’t allow pets to sit on furniture these clean sheets can help you a lot. Just spread it anywhere you know your pet will like to sit and you can do anything without getting worried about your pet.

Room ethics

Although hotels make sure every pet owner know the rules before checking in but it is important to know that these ethics are beneficial for the management as well as the pet owner. Reserve the room before, this will help the management manage things for you before you check in. make sure you request your room to be on ground floor. This will save you from a lot of problem and will also give a chance of safe and easy exit. Although most of the hotels give tags, but if they don’t ask them for it. Use these tags to inform the visitors there is pet inside sometimes there are workers who are not comfortable with pet, this will be very helpful for them. Also make sure you keep the litter box of your pet in the bathroom, this will be easy to clean.