Ethics to stay in pet-friendly hotels

While traveling with your pet you know exactly what he needs, you pack things that he might need while traveling and even while staying in a pet friendly hotel. What most people don’t think is what other people need and how they are comfortable, your pet is like a family to you and you love him but most people don’t appreciate pets. Make sure your stay is not uncomfortable for your neighbors or management of the hotel. Here are some easy tips that can make your stay with your pet comfortable not only for you but also for everyone else.

Room reservations

Most people think checking in a pet friendly hotel means they will get everything. The point is a pet friendly hotel means you can stay with your pet and they don’t mind it, but don’t make it inconvenient for them and their other customers. When you are travelling with your pet, make reservations. Most people think they don’t need a reservation and they can easily come and ask for a room. This is fine when you are travelling alone but with your pet you need to take care of things. It is very important to make sure you get a room that is comfortable for you are your dog.

Special room arrangements

Ask for a room on ground floor, it will be easy for you to go in and out with your pet. Mostly with pets it is inconvenient to use stairs or even lift. So by getting a room on round floor you have easy and safe exit. This will also save you from noise complaints and other problems and if you have a pet that is really active and love to play, this will be very helpful. Another important thing is you need to have a room away from elevator, this is important because mostly pets pay attention to noise, so if you have a room very close to the lift there are chances that you may have noise complains if your pet get overwhelmed by any sound. Another important thing is ask for pet tag, this will help you to inform people there is a pet in the room.

Cleaning hacks

It is very important to know that when your pet is travelling with you, he is your responsibility. Make sure you have cleaning sheets and towels. Although most of the hotels don’t say it out loud but they mind muddy paws of your pet, save yourself from embarrassment.