Things you need in a pet friendly hotel

While travelling with your pet there are a lot of things that you need to consider. You can’t just check-in in any hotel, you need to get information first. There are a lot of pet friendly hotels around the globe, when we look for a pet friendly we want a hotel where it is easy to stay with a pet. Most of hotels let you stay with your pet but they have a lot of restrictions. You need to know about these restriction before checking in, it is very important for you and your pet.


It is very important that you know if there is park around or a pet store. Most of the time when you are on a vacation you forget a lot of things while packing, these things may sound alright at first but when you are really in need these things can be very helpful. Most of the time if you don’t have clean sheets or towels you must know where to get them. Most hotels keep extra sheets for pets and in case they don’t you can easily get them from a nearby shop. Make sure you find a hotel with pet shops nearby.

Pet services

There are hotels that provide pet services, it is very important to know that the hotel you are checking in provide pet services. You can’t take your pet everywhere when you are on vacation, you obviously need a pet sitter, and some hotels provide these services while other hotels don’t provide these services. While selecting a hotel you need to keep this thing in your mind. Ask the management if they provide pet services before checking in. it will be very helpful for you even if they don’t provide other pet services and only provide pet-sitting services.


There are a lot of restrictions for pet even in pet friendly hotels. Most of the hotels don’t allow more than two pets, if you have more than two pets you can’t check in. this is very important to know and this can save your from embarrassment. Another important thing is ask them if they allow pet to sit on furniture, there are a lot of hotels that only let the pet sit on carpet or pet cushion. It is very important to know this in advance, in this case you can carry clean sheets with you in luggage.